Category: Forensic Accounting

Marital Assets in Divorce: When Two Become One

April 2017

Our daily lives are extremely busy and when it comes to household finances, the implicit trust in family or spousal relationships often results in individuals passing control of their finances to their significant other to deal with on their behalf, with...

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Forensic Accounting – What can it uncover?

February 2017

Forensic accounting is another area where accountants can provide expert support and advice. Forensic accounting is the investigative process by which financial information is gathered, analysed and presented in a clear, unambiguous way, with conclusions as to events and outcomes....

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Sage Data Breach – Is your data secure?

September 2016

In August 2016 a woman was arrested following a loss of customer data at Sage (the Newcastle based Plc software firm), which provides accounting and payroll software to SME’s in the UK and abroad. This was an embarrassing loss for...

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