About Us

We are MHA. Independent UK member of Baker Tilly International and provider of audit, tax, consulting, and advisory services. We are ranked among the world’s top 10 branded networks, with a presence in 148 territories. In the UK we are currently unable to trade as Baker Tilly and, as such, we have branded as MHA.

Around the network we share a common ambition — to provide the insights our clients need now, to accelerate growth, to prepare for tomorrow’s challenges and to seize tomorrow’s opportunities.

When you choose to work with MHA, we value the trust you invest in us.

We reward that trust, by developing great relationships, that lead to great conversations, that deliver great futures.

We have the international reach and local knowledge needed to translate your ambition to new markets.

We believe in the power of great relationships. We lead and listen for great conversations. We channel change into progress for great futures.

Now, for tomorrow.

MHA statistics

Our international reach

Advisors that see the world through your eyes.

Working with you to meet the challenges of today’s business environment – Baker Tilly International member firms are managers of their own businesses, characterised by their dynamic culture and independence. They know first-hand the challenges of today’s business environment.

Helping you to get to the top – Baker Tilly International is among the fastest-growing networks in our profession. The network ranks in the top ten worldwide, so we have learnt a thing or two about what it takes to get to the top.

Beside you as you expand your business – with access to 37,000 professionals in more than 148 territories worldwide, we have the global reach and local expertise to translate your ambitions into new markets.

Helping you to understand developing issues – whether you are facing issues around financing, succession, acquisition or simply survival, the network’s member firms offer a full range of accounting, assurance, tax and specialist advisory services, and the skill set to help you every step of the way.

The network invests heavily in quality assurance procedures so that you can be sure the service levels will be impeccable wherever in the world you work with us.

Knowing you are dealing with the best – the network selects its member firms with great care and, other than limited exceptions, will only have one firm per country. The network does its due diligence so that you know you have a firm capable of dealing with all your needs.

Baker Tilly International

Through our membership of Baker Tilly International we are able to provide premier accounting, assurance, tax and specialist business advice worldwide, drawing on internationally recognised industry and service line experts in 148 countries.

Each of the network’s 122 member firms is independent and autonomous; however we have chosen to work together, resulting in strong professional relationships and efficient collaboration.

Baker Tilly International member firms demonstrate a high professional standard, as well as a strong commitment to the network’s core values of integrity, leadership, transparency and ethics. Each member firm offers outstanding personal service combined with the expertise, strength and resources of a truly global network to support you as you grow regionally and globally.

For more information, visit Baker Tilly International.