Autumn Statement – More detail is required on NHS Funding

Posted On November 27, 2015 By mhauk

Nick Stevenson, Head of our Healthcare sector made the following observations on Wednesday’s Autumn Statement:

“The Chancellor announced some interesting additional funding for the Healthcare sector:

  • £3.8 billion of extra funding for the NHS.
  • £10 billion real terms increase for England between 2014-15 and 2020-21, of which £6 billion will be delivered by the end of 2016-17.
  • £4.8 billion of capital funding every year for the next 5 years.

Apparently a great boost to NHS funding and front loading the increase should mean that investment can be made earlier in order to reap the benefits over the next few years.

Unfortunately, there is no real detail at the moment about exactly how or where the money will be delivered. However, what we do know is that there is a definite intention to have a full seven day service, an integration between health and social care and there is an intention to follow the Five Year Forward View, including the need for £22 billion of efficiencies savings by 2020-21.

The plan is that by 2020-21 everyone will be able to access GP services in the evenings and at weekends with an extra 5,000 doctors in general practice. This will be supported by £750 million of investment and a new national voluntary contract for GPs. We will await the detail of this with great interes

The £4.8 billion of capital funding each year will be used in part to improve ‘out-of-hospital’ services to deliver more care closer to home. New investment of £1 billion in technology will support this transformation and integrate patient records across health and social care by 2020. This is already being looked at as part of the devolution process in Manchester. All other areas of the country are to follow suit by developing plans by 2017 for implementation again by 2020”.