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Current Practice Issues

November 2018

PCSE Problems Unfortunately, only a minority of practices have experienced a smooth problem free couple of years when it comes to the outsourced function of Primary Care Support England (PCSE). Here are some of the main issues below: Superannuation Certificates...

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Moving Your Practice From a PMS to GMS Contract

July 2018

Increasingly, over the last few years practices have been moving from their PMS contracts onto the standard GMS contract. Whilst this transition should be seamless, we have experienced many cases where the funding has not been correctly paid, meaning that...

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24-Hour Retirement Advice for GPs

May 2018

Practice managers are often relied on by GPs to research some very technical topics; or they might be asked to monitor the smooth running of actions on which external advice has been sought. An example is 24-hour retirement. Here are...

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GDPR for GPs

January 2018

GDPR is arguably the most important data legislation change of recent times and makes the task of keeping data safe more vital than ever before. Here we explain GDPR for GPs and detail what steps GPs need to take to...

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Protect Your GP Partnership Against a Collapse

August 2017

Our Medical Accountants Explain how to Protect Yourself Against a Collapse in Your GP Partnership Despite the UK general practice narrative of working at scale through super partnerships, practice mergers and the like, some GPs continue to operate as single handers...

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Top Tips for Practice Managers

August 2017

Practice Managers and Practices continue to face uncertainty over cash flow and continuity of income. The effects of PMS clawback renegotiation of APMS baselines to mirror GMS, phasing out of the correction factor and enhanced services reducing and in some...

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GP Update

July 2017

Annual Allowance Pension Charge for GPs Each year you are only allowed to contribute a certain amount to a pension on which you get tax relief. For GPs this is even more complicated, regardless of the amount paid, the allowance available...

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Cloud Accounting for the Healthcare Sector

April 2017

The use of cloud accounting software, QuickBooks Online (QBO) from Intuit is resulting in better reporting, improved performance and time savings for our Healthcare sector clients, and here’s how: Instant Access As long as you have a stable internet connection,...

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Making Tax Digital for Medical Practices

January 2017

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) are embracing the digital revolution and making fundamental changes to the way the UK’s tax system works. The Government is referring to these changes as Making Tax Digital (MTD). The key elements of MTD are: Businesses...

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GP’s – How to find alternative income sources when profits are falling

November 2016

With GP profits under pressure, many incomes sources classed as alternative a few years ago have become the norm. Here is some advice for practice managers needing to pursue new ideas on how to maximise income for their practices. New care...

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