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MHA Hub consolidates all of the training, knowledge and expertise from our member firms. Our comprehensive learning program draws on MHA’s wealth of specialist knowledge and expertise, as well as our up-to-the-minute understanding of today’s dynamic business environment.

Search our wide collection of on-demand or live courses and start your journey into learning that new skill today to help you in your career tomorrow.

Our on-demand courses

Feedback and Coaching: Core Content & Easy Actions

With quality feedback and coaching being some the easiest, AND most effective, tools a manager can use to get the most from their teams - this course explores the core driving concepts behind feedback and coaching and turns them into easy, deliverabl...

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Business Strategy Session – The Cheats guide to Complex Data Analysis

Data and information fuel the day to day decision making processes of the modern business - thereby the quality of our decisions will be enhanced or limited by the quality of our data. This session provides a quick 'hack' for those looking to gain sw...

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Mental Health Awareness

We live in a wonderful time where discussions of mental health are more and more coming to the forefront of conversations in the workplace - with many organisation seeking to treat it with the same degree of attention and concern that they would have...

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