11 Key Steps for Trustees, 1 Giant Leap for Your Charity

Following on from our governance document, we have created a month to month checklist as a guide for trustees to help them to upskill and improve standards in a stepped and measured way. Each article covers an area of concern for trustees that you could review within your organisation and leads you through the issues, giving clear advice and signposting where you can find extra guidance.

Working through the checklist will ensure small marginal improvements are achieved at each stage. This will result in a cumulative improvement in trustees’ knowledge and in standards within your organisation. It should ensure that you make continual, incremental gains and will assist you in being at the forefront of exemplar trusteeship.

The report covers the following topics:

  • Month 1 – Finding New Trustees
  • Month 2 – Internal Financial Controls
  • Month 3 – Collaborative Working and Mergers
  • Month 4 – Investments
  • Month 5 – Trustees Meeting and Decision Making
  • Month 6 – Trading and Tax
  • Month 7 – Campaigning, Lobbying and Political Activity
  • Month 8 – Risk Management
  • Month 9 – Expenses
  • Month 10 – Fundraising
  • Month 11 – Conflicts of Interest
  • Month 12 – Your Month to Month Checklist

Use your ‘Month to Month Checklist’ at the start to assess where you are now in each of the areas. Once you have read a section, fill in the ‘Where do you want to be and how will you get there?’ part of the checklist. Then at the end of the year, assess whether you achieved your goals or not.

Read the full report: 11 Key Steps for Trustees, 1 Giant Leap for Your Charity

Don’t worry if you don’t quite get to where you want to be. If there is something that you are struggling with or would like some advice on, our specialist advisors to the Not for Profit sector will be able to help. Our Not for Profit specialists are able to draw on a vast wealth of experience and expertise encompassing the full range of Not for Profit organisations, including education institutes, grant making bodies, religious organisations and a wide array of charitable focuses.

If you have any questions about the issues raised in this report or would like to discuss your accounting and business advisory needs with one of our sector specialists, please email Hannah Farmborough or call on 0207 429 4147.