MHA network adopts unified identity and aligns with global Baker Tilly International brand

MHA, the network of regional accountancy and business advisory firms and UK member of Baker Tilly International, has announced that all MHA firms have now adopted the MHA brand and identity.

The change also sees MHA more closely aligned to the new Baker Tilly International network global brand and ethos of ‘Now, for tomorrow’, at the heart of which is great relationships, agility and adaptability to clients’ needs, and providing more forward-looking advice and support.

The brand changes are designed to bring MHA’s national and global strategies closer together to further support the network’s growth; over the last financial year MHA reported a 6% increase in turnover (£152.6M) and a rise in its international client base across all industry sectors.

“Closer national and international alignment will play an important part in the next phase of our strategy for growth. Fully embracing the network philosophy of ‘Now, for tomorrow’ underlines our commitment to playing our part in this growing and dynamic international network. Bringing our UK member firms closer together is a natural extension of this connected network philosophy.”

“The brand strategy is about having conversations that celebrate today whilst planning for tomorrow. Disruption is all around us and standing still is not an option; we need to make decisions now, to shape a successful tomorrow for our clients.”

“Despite the current Brexit uncertainties, our work with clients across industry sectors highlights an optimism and appetite to grow internationally and we are in a strong position to enable and support clients in achieving their plans.”

Rakesh Shaunak, Group Chairman of MHA

“The decision by MHA to embrace the global brand philosophy reflects its dedication to unified global representation, core values and brand positioning, while its autonomous ownership structure remains intact.”

“The new global brand identity is a symbol of our capacity to adapt to the ever-changing needs of clients around the world. We believe in the power of great relationships. We lead and listen for great conversations. We channel change into growth.”

Ted Verkade, CEO of Baker Tilly InternationalTed Verkade, CEO of Baker Tilly International

The MHA network of firms operates across England, Scotland and Wales. MHA joined Baker Tilly International, a top 10 global network of advisors in 145 territories, as the UK member in 2014.

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