NFDA Strategic EV Forum

Our MHA EV Alliance in partnership with the National Franchised Dealers Association (NFDA) recently hosted the NFDA Strategic EV Forum.

This Forum collected together an exciting panel of EV experts with the goal of helping motor dealerships and their staff with getting ready to meet the fast-growing demand for EVs. From the EV consumer journey to charging infrastructure challenges.

The keynote speakers delivered guidance and practical recommendations to help dealers embrace the EV revolution.

Topics and speakers included:

  • Welcome and opening remarks, Sue Robinson (NFDA)
  • EV Readiness and an introduction to the MHA EV Alliance, Steve Freeman (MHA)
  • NFDA EVA Update, Paddy O’Connell (NFDA)
  • The EV Consumer Journey, Understanding EV Demand and Planning, James Debenham (CACI)
  • EV Uptake Scenarios and Energy Needs; EV Chargepoint Infrastructure Forecasting; plus EV Energy Asset Management, Ewan Cross (Rolton Group)
  • Site Surveys and Optimising EV Infrastructure Planning; Proactive Interaction with the DNO’s, Chris Dore and Steve Ridsdale (eSmart Networks)
  • Commercial Partnership Opportunities for Your Sites and Chargepoints (e-hubs and e-forecourts), Phil Hack (EV Network)
  • Practical Considerations for your Sales and Aftersales Processes, including Charging Requirements and Positioning, Darrell Grimshaw (CGC)
  • Sales Process Support and training for your Colleagues, Georgia Harbison (Cognito Learning)
  • Tax Considerations for EV Commercial Opportunities (BIK and Salary Sacrifice) and Investment Expenditures (CA’s and the Super Deduction), Nigel Morris and Anthony McFarlin (MHA)
  • Factoring EV Readiness into your overall Environmental, Sustainability and Governance (“ESG”) Strategy, Rich Hall (MHA)

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