Process of Purchasing a Property

When purchasing a property in the UK, you will need to use a solicitor or conveyancer to finalise the purchase. In addition to the legal costs, there are also other costs that need to be considered:

  • Any valuation or (building) survey fees (this will be a requirement if you are getting any banking finance);
  • Costs of searches and enquiries (these are checks to ensure that the property is not burdened by any obligations or limitations);
  • Land registration fees;
  • Stamp Duty and VAT.

The offer process is often dealt with through an intermediary, such as an estate agent. Once an offer is agreed, valuations and searches are often undertaken and if necessary, an agreement in principle can be agreed with a bank as to the availability of funds. Once these steps have been completed, the two solicitors (or conveyancers) will exchange contracts and a deposit will be paid.

There will also be an agreed date as to when completion will occur. At the completion date, the balance will be paid and the legal title of the property will be transferred and registered at the UK Land Registry. Until you have exchanged contracts, you are not secure in becoming the owners of the property.

We can recommend trusted solicitors who can help you complete all the legal obligations associated with making your property investment.


If bank finance is required, this can often be the biggest delay to your investment and testing the waters may be sensible to see how much finance will be available given your circumstances and the amount of any initial investment you are making.

Our dedicated in-house team, MHA Financial Solutions can unlock funds and give expert advice and the right lending for you.


One of the main attractions in operating in the UK is the ease of choosing a structure that is right for the investor and the ability to quickly set it up.

The choice of structure is very much dependent on the individual’s needs and will often be part of the overall investment plan. Property in the UK can be owned; personally, in partnership, in a limited company in the UK, in a company outside of the UK, in a UK trust or in an offshore trust.

We go through various tax points which relate to the UK structure options in our UK Property Tax article.

The UK House Purchasing Process

Purchasing a Property

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