The Engine Issue 8

Read the detailed review from our recent national manufacturing temperature check

The COVID pandemic has undoubtedly had a significant impact on our lives and on business changing the “normal” to “new normal” and six months after the first nationwide lockdown across the UK, MHA surveyed its manufacturing clients and contacts across the country to assess the impact this was having.

The Engine Issue 8

We posed six questions which we intend to return to on a quarterly basis to see how the answers might change and in this edition we provide a summary of our findings and measure the overall mood of the industry during this difficult period.

The next article we focus on is the manufacturing outlook from the view of the North West and West Midlands regions of the UK. Showing a spotlight on what regional industries are trading well and recovering quicker, also highlighting where government support is needed the most to help manufacturers return to pre-COVID levels of trading.

No insight would be complete without talking about the other hot topic of the moment – Brexit. With negotiations between the UK and EU no closer to agreement the scales are tilting ever more to the UK leaving the EU with no deal in place.

Our Head of Sector, Chris Barlow comments on what the industry views are towards a no deal Brexit and what he recommends manufacturers need to put in place now to protect supply chains, operations and international trade.

Your local MHA firm would be keen to discuss with you or advise upon any of the matters raised in this edition and look forward to hearing from you.