Autumn Budget 2021: Theatre, Orchestra & Museum Tax Relief

The rates of Theatre Tax Relief, Orchestra Tax Relief and Museum and Galleries Tax Relief will be temporarily increased from 27 October 2021. The increased rates will apply until 31 March 2023.

These reliefs provide an enhancement of corporation tax deductions on expenditure incurred by companies on eligible productions or exhibitions.

The increased rates are as follows:

 Current Tax Rate 27/10/23 to 31/03/2301/04/23 – 31/03/2401/04/24 onwards
Theatre Tax Relief – non touring productions20%45%30%20%
Theatre Tax Relief – touring productions25%50%35%25%
Orchestra Tax Relief25%50%35%25%
Museum Tax Relief – non-touring20%45%30%20%
Museum Tax Relief – touring25%50%35%25%

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