Pharma and Life Sciences

The Pharma and Life Science sector is facing significant growth and challenges due to the ever-accelerating advances of science, particularly in a post COVID and post Brexit world, and the demands of the healthcare sector for cost-efficient solutions.  Although this means an abundance of opportunities, the landscape they come with demands a requirement for innovation, value for money, speed of delivery, transparency, data, and increasingly complex regulations, all driven by an increasingly challenging healthcare agenda.

It is an undeniably exciting and dynamic sector to be part of within which the UK has a strong track record of scientific and medical advances from businesses of all sizes, some of whom have gone on to become global entities.  Our team of advisors work with clients ranging from the smaller UK based entrepreneurial businesses to large global corporates.

Pharma & Life Sciences Advisory  

We have extensive experience in working with organisations across the industry, including drug manufacturers, wholesalers, medical technologists and medical device manufacturers. We support our clients who may be experiencing growth and are looking to expand internationally or are facing significant disruption to aspects of their business, doubling down our focus to help them minimise disruption to achieve strategic and growth objectives.

Globally, we support in the region of 500 medical device, pharmaceutical, life science and biotech companies and offer our clients comprehensive industry knowledge and strategic relationships to help companies grow their business at all stages of the lifecycle – from launch to growth to maturity to exit. We work with stakeholders across the full industry spectrum of the Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences industry.

We can help in the following ways:

  • Providing full range of compliance services such as audit, accounting and tax returns
  • Guidance on accounting issues when using the International Financial Reporting Standards
  • Specifically, revenue recognition and capitalisation of development costs
  • Advising on entering new geographical markets and related cross border issues in conjunction with our Baker Tilly International colleagues where appropriate
  • Tax planning and structuring
  • Supply chain optimisation for tax purposes
  • Guidance on making Research & Development claims and Patent Box incentives
  • HR services, comprising employee incentivisation including share options plans, Global workforce mobility etc
  • Funding for ongoing operations and new product development – access to debt and equity providers
  • Planning for and assistance with execution of mergers and acquisitions, or disposals
  • Payroll and bookkeeping services

As part of our membership of Baker Tilly International we have close links to a large group of consultants based in our North American practice who can advise on wider business and regulatory issues in the sector.  More details of their capabilities can be found here.

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