Forensic accountancy

A forensic accountant uses a combination of accounting skills, investigative skills and legal knowledge to provide accounting analysis that is admissible expert evidence and will form the basis for discussion, debate and ultimately dispute resolution.

Forensic Accounting

Whether a case is commercial or personal, including suspected fraud, incompetence or error, our forensic team can unravel the puzzle, providing you with a full service from start to finish including preliminary analysis, discovery, reporting and court appearances.

Expert Witness

Our expert witness and litigation support service offers independent advice and opinions that drawn on years of experience to provide support at all levels of claims, including medical negligence, personal injury, shareholder and partnership disputes, estate disputes and matrimonial disputes. We can assist both the legal teams, public bodies and businesses directly to successfully resolve all kinds of legal disputes.

We are experienced in giving testimony in the High Court, with reports prepared in accordance with Court Procedure Rules carefully drafted to set the grounds for an equitable settlement or judgement.

Arbitration and Expert Determination

Our Forensic Accountants are ideally placed to act as Arbitrator or Expert Determiner where there is a dispute that requires a swift and private resolution.

Particular Areas Of Expertise Include:

  • Commercial Disputes
  • Disputed Estates
  • Matrimonial Disputes
  • Fraud
  • Personal Injury
  • Professional Negligence Claims

MHA Members Take A Pre-emptive And Preventative Approach To Fraud. As Such, MHA’s Member Firms Are Able To Assist In:

  • The development of anti fraud cultures
  • The creation of strong deterrent cultures and preventative systems
  • The implementation of effective detection processes.

Additional Services Our Members Are Able To Provide Include The Following:

  • Valuations
  • Loss of Earnings Calculations
  • Miss-sold Banking/Financial Services
  • Product Loss Reporting
  • Contentious Valuations
  • COPP9 HMRC Investigations
  • System & Controls Review in relation to
  • Fraud risk reduction