Low Carbon Construction Webinar

Sustainability will prove to be the greatest business challenge of the decade with significant risk and opportunity brought not just by climate change but all environmental, social and governance factors that investors, consumers & customers, supply chains, colleagues and competitors will be focusing on in their decision making.

Watch our recording of the webinar to hear from experts about the following:

  • What are you doing to make construction lower carbon?
  • What are the key challenges to construction achieving?
    A) Significant short term carbon savings
    B) Achieving Net Zero by 2050
  • How can major contractors achieve carbon savings through their supply chains and what part can SME’s play?
  • How low carbon can construction in the future actually be? There will always be waste, inefficiencies and embedded carbon in construction materials. How different will construction in 10 years be?
  • Financial incentives for sustainability expenditure

Your Host:

Brendan Sharkey, Head of Construction & Real Estate, Partner

With over thirty years dedicated service to MHA MacIntyre Hudson, Brendan has worked with a wide range of businesses including quoted companies, as well as owner managed businesses from a large cross section of sectors. Although an audit partner Brendan has led our Construction & Real Estate sector for many years and has built up a wealth of knowledge which he uses as the basis for strategic advice within the sector.

Your panellists:

Rich Hall, Head of Sustainability & Stakeholder Assurance

Rich joined MHA MacIntyre Hudson in September 2020 to lead our Sustainability, Corporate Responsibility and Climate Change work. A former ‘big four’ Risk Assurance Director, Rich started, built and led their Northern Sustainability Practice and was ultimately responsible for their Performance Assurance line of service. Drawing on over 30 years cross sector, multi discipline experience. Rich brings over 15 years’ experience and passion of leading successful Sustainability and risk engagements. He has worked and led teams both internationally and within the UK, working with some of the largest and most complex businesses across their global footprints. Rich has led major sustainability engagements from idea generation and inception through to successful implementation across advisory, reporting and assurance and internal audit.

Ewan Cross, Associate Director, Rolton Group

Ewan is a strategic energy advisor with a wide ranging background in energy and climate change, particularly in relation to new and emerging low carbon energy technologies and concepts and carbon emissions in the built environment. Combined with a high level of technical, policy and market knowledge, he offers a unique combination of skills across a wide range of energy and environmental subjects.

Nicola Scott, Briggs & Forrester Engineering Ltd

Nicola Scott is the National Preconstruction Strategic Manager at Briggs and Forrester Engineering Services. She has worked in the construction industry for 18 years and has experience within low energy and sustainability projects. Currently, Nicola is leading the implementation of Briggs & Forrester’s national social impact strategy and managing the social value activities on projects.

Matthew Linekar, Briggs & Forrester Engineering Ltd

Matthew has been in the construction industry over 25 years starting out as an electrical apprentice and working in a number of design, engineering and management roles. His role has allowed him the benefit of working closely with customers balancing the drive to deliver low carbon solutions with proven technologies and tight budgets. Matthew has spent the majority of his working life as an M&E contractor however he’s spent the last 5 years working with a large national Main Contractor giving him a much wider view of the construction industry and the drivers of customers.

Steve Jewell, CEO of SWIS Distribution Ltd

Steve has had a recognized presence in the spray foam industry during the last decade. After establishing Spray Insulation Cornwall, it was quickly discovered that he would become a valuable member for the spray foam industry across Europe and the UK.  Now in partnership with Synthesia Technology part of the Kingspan Group Steve and his team offer spray foam solutions, reducing energy costs enhancing home sustainability and reducing carbon footprint and reaching net zero.

Kingspan are committed to protecting our planet and have launched an Ocean Plastic Clean-Up Recycling partnership and aims to recycle 1Bn plastic bottles annually by 2025.  These plastic bottles are then transformed into the raw material used in insulation.